Battle Angel Iris 2

Battle Angel Iris 2

-by Ikameshi

-22 pages

“The battle angels – an order of maidens who battle evil with their sacred powers. Among their number, there was a battle angle named Iris, who spent her entire career fighting to put a stop to the world domination of the extra-terrestrial invaders knows as Reizphobia. But one day, Iris was captured by their leader Rexos. Once inside their base, Rexos confessed that she was actually in love with Iris, only for Iris to reject her.”

That was where the fun in part one started, here is part two of this epical futa hentai manga.


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ALL SLAVES (Precure) [Studio Mizuyokan]

Free Hentai Manga, English Adult Porn ALL SLAVES


-by Studio Mizuyokan

-25 full color pages, English translated

-28.17 MB







” We eventually came to the decision, both for their crime of opposing us to the last and as a warning to all who would follow them, to keep the 21 captured Pretty Cure girls to serve for the rest of their days as fuck toys in our new dark world order … ”

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