An introduction to Yuri manga and anime


All these are only a number of the storylines you’ll find in lesbian-themed types of Japanese cartoon, called “yuri.” Commonly used to mean any lesbian content in entertainment media- whether sexual or intimate, explicit or tacit-yuri (also called “shoujoai”) is discovered in both manga (Japanese comic books) and anime (animated Japanese films and TV shows).

Manga is among the first types of comic books, initially created in the late eighteenth century for adult males and packaged as novels, rather than in the magazine-style structure we’re accustomed to in the West. These publications coped with a broad array of topics including actions, play, fantasy, love story and even porn.

Manga became a booming business in Japan, but it was not until the 1940’s that manga artists determined to tap into narratives that interest would be taken by the female people. It was afterward that groundbreaking artist Osamu Tezuka started developing the first shoujo (girl) manga. With his manga Ribon no kishi (Knight of the Ribbon, 1954), he created longer, complex storylines bringing together play, experience, fantasy, tragedy, comedy, and love story.

But it was not until the 1970’s that manga coping with intimate relationships forming between females started to pop up. The girls become involved, and hit it off, in a storyline and Delirious.

In 1972, Ikeda Riyoko wrote Rose de Versailles, which will become one of the most famous manga (and anime) to come about. It’s Ikeda who’s famous for the breakthrough with yuri manga.

Japanese cartoon was introduced.

Although anime has had a presence in the Western hemisphere for an extended while-anime sold in syndication to a lot of businesses in America and Canada and was dubbed into English -the medium has just lately developed powerful visibility, due in part to show like Pokemon.

Sadly, the success of Pokemon and other anime for kids has led many to think the genre is just for kids, when in fact, much anime is not suitable for younger audience.

Anime and manga treats gay and heterosexual relationships pretty equally. Lesbian, gay and heterosexual relationships are only relationships in many narratives. Homosexual couples face the same tough scenarios struck by heterosexual couples.

Kasui (Sailor Moon)

Kasui (Sailor Moon) primehentai


-by Red-Rum

-35 pages, English trasnlated

-31.10 MB






We didn’t have any Sailor Moon hentai for a while and since I heard that there will be a new remake (Sailor Moon Crystal) coming out on July 2014 I had to post some updates. The producer said that it’s not a remake of the actual anime, but rather taking the path of the original manga.
Hmm, worth a try I guess…

Back to the story of this hentai. Two stories including Rei and Ami (sailor mercury, sailor mars). One of them gets more action than the other one!

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