Futsukano wa Wotakare no Megane o Toru. (Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata)

Futsukano wa Wotakare no Megane o Toru kogorta72.ru

-by Fujishima Sei1go

-24 pages

“Recently, I got a boyfriend… He is an otaku from my school. His name is Tomoya Aki. Altough nobody scorns our relationship, it is generally thought that no girl, would want to date an otaku like him. A disgusting otaku, who offered his own heart and body to 2D girls. HOWEVER, I recently realized that he’s actually not that different from a normal guy. I thought that someone like him is only fond of 2D girls, but it seems like he doesn’t really dislike real girls either.”

The conclusion here is, that even a hardcore otaku can’t resist a beautiful & busty 3D girl 😀

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