Naruto Hentai – I Raped the Busty Kunoichi Hinata

Naruto Hentai - I Raped the Busty Kunoichi Hinata primehentai

-by Hanamachi Shimaiten

-122 full color pages

-103.99 MB





Well headline says Naruto Hentai but it’s actually all about the sexy Hinata. Naruto is not even going to appear in this hentai manga. Just beautiful Hinata who was caught on a mission by some dangerous ninjas.

You remember all those hentai involving female “fighters” of any kind who are being trained to withstand sexual abuse if under some circumstances they are being taken captive. Well maybe sexy Hinata should have absolved that kind of training as well…

Enjoy this great full color Naruto Hentai.

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Naruto – Saboten Nindou 2

Naruto - Saboten Nindou 2  primehentai


-by Sunahara Wataru

-37 pages, English translated

-22.83 MB






Was about time for another Naruto hentai manga, but let me tell you that the waiting has paid off. This is an excellent doujinshi and it involves nearly every desirable woman from Naruto verse. We have Sakura, Ino, Tenten, Tsunade, Hinata, Shizune. This fella has build himself a nice harem that he uses 24/7.

Oh, and wtf futa Shizune fucks dominant Tsunade? Can’t miss that…

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