Rika no Kenkyuushitsu Report Ch. 1-2

Rika no Kenkyuushitsu Report Ch. 1-2 kogorta72.ru

-by Takurou

-40 pages

Sping is the start of a new school year (at least in Japan). That’s also the period when all kind of clubs are looking for new members. The super science lab is also recruiting new members and their strategy is rather… let’s call it passive-aggressive. But they have a busty girl in the club, so it can’t be that bad, right?

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The Desperate Neighbor

The Desperate Neighbor primehentai


-by Shiomaneki

-24 pages, English translated

-21.45 MB






A guy really can’t prepare for this kind of situation. The beautiful girl next door comes into your house chased by a mere cockroach¬†and additionally she pees on your floor. Are you going to:

A.) Throw here out immediately

B.) Bang here right away, or

C.) Tell her to clean up the mess she just made by pissing on your floor!

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Prison School – Hybrid Tsuushin vol.15

Prison School - Hybrid Tsuushin vol.15 primehentai porn


-by Muronaga Chaashuu

-13 pages, English translated

-19.62 MB






There is only a very small number of manga out there. Finally I have found one with Meiko translated into English. Those of you who don’t know who Meiko Shiraki (vice president of the ¬†underground student council)¬†is are missing out probably the hottest femdom anime character ever! She is strict, busty,¬†ruthless and OMG is she sexy ;). The only person who she is loyal to and who has some influence on her is the president of the underground student council¬†Mari Kurihara. She is super hot as well but unfortunately she is not present in the sex scenes. You will see her face only on the very first page of this hentai manga.

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Tokoharu Chapter 1 [Shiki Takuto]

Tokoharu Chapter 1 [Shiki Takuto] primehentai


-by Shiki Takuto

-26 pages, English translated

-25.40 MB






The story takes place on a small island called Tokoharu that was remade into a red-light district. Yes you heard right, this island is a region where the sex industry can operate freely (please don’t ask me if this island really exists. I’m not allowed to say… ^^).

Our main character is Hasebe who has been brought to this island so he would work off his debts. No he himself won’t work as a hooker lol, but he is supposed to take care of the household. There are three rules that he isn’t allowed to break.

  1. Not to go against the master
  2. Not to run away from this establishment
  3. Not to lay a finger on the prostitutes

Hmm, will he really be able to abide rule number three? Well this or that way I’m curious for the next few chapters.

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Runners Heaven [Konchiki]

Runners Heaven [Konchiki] primehentai


-by Konchiki

-16 pages, English translated

-14.04 MB






The headline fits perfectly for this hentai manga. What is a better motivation for running more and more than a beautiful woman in tight sport clothes right in front of you!

“Amazing, she is just amazing! Her tits, her thighs and that ass! They are all shaking around and look like they are going to bust right out of her outfit.”

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Pitapita Morrigan Fetish DL (Darkstalkers) [Nyanko Batake]

Free Hentai Manga, English Adult Porn Pitapita Morrigan Fetish DL (Darkstalkers)


-by Nyanko Batake

-42 pages, English translated

-22.98 MB







Boys wouldn’t be boys if they weren’t curious about their sexuality. That’s probably the reason why these two guys summoned a thoroughbred succubus. The real question here is will they be able to endure this centuries-old ritual …
Side note: I share a lot of full color Morrigan pictures at my .

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