Hentai Marionette 2 (Saber Marionette)

Hentai Marionette 2 (Saber Marionette) primehentai


-by Obui

-23 pages, English translated

-38.96 MB






Saber dolls are strong, but at some point they overestimate their real power and then they bring themselves into dangerous situations. What do you do with captivated Saber dolls? You will find out in this hentai manga.

Side Note: Includes nipple fuck, stomach deformation, eggs!

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Goddess Drop (Puzzles and Dragons)

Goddess Drop (Puzzles and Dragons) prime hentai


-by Shindou

-23 pages, English translated

-24.94 MB






“Not wearing a bra underneath these skin tight clothes makes your nipples even more obvious! They are just begging to be eaten, aren’t they?”

These Valkyria Goddesses are so cute. On one hand they are like – I’m too proud for this, don’t lick that filthy place and on the other hand they turn into real sluts once you insert your dick into their wet pussies.

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