Heat Sensitive Queen (Fate/Grand Order)

-by zhen lu

-24 pages, English translated

We’re doing the Hawaiian summer servant festival again. It’s an event were the servants enjoy all sorts off fun quests together. Some get absorbed in creative activities together as part of a group, and some just take the opportunity to enjoy a well deserved vacation. But regardless everyone gets to enjoy summer on an island resort of their dreams.

That’s what you said… so why… is it this damn hot. So ho~t…

Well it’s summer bitch. Take the heat 😛



Before the Drunkard wakes up

-by Nanao Yukiji

-24 pages, English translated

The scenario goes as follows: Your best friend’s Ultra sexy mom wants to drink with you because it’s her son’s 20th birthday. Obviously You can’t reject it (basic manners…). So far so good. The interesting part starts when the son falls asleep and you are left alone with that already tipsy hot milf. What is going to be Your next move? Will you tell her how beautiful her huge breasts are? Or will you offer her a shoulder massage? Why not risk it and go for both!



Mahou Shoujo Yumi (34)

-by hroz

-21 pages, English translated

So this young fella is being attacked by a bunch of monsters and now you would consider this situation to be unlucky. However, a magical girl/milf
appears out of nowhere to save the day. She kicks the monsters ass and thus the guy is being saved. Did she study at the Hero Academy? I don’t think so.

She is just a natural born hero who saves young men from dangerous situations. Does she work for free? Well, she does charge a sexual fee from time to time 🙂

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The Case of My XXX-Loving Wife Who Is Also My Teacher Chapter 1

The Case of My XXX-Loving Wife Who Is Also My Teacher Chapter 1 kogorta72.ru

-by Igarashi Shouno

-24 pages

The boys in the class ask their sexy female teacher if she has a boyfriend and what type of man does she like?

Ufufu. Well, I don’t have a boyfriend and preference for a man… my preference huh… It’s someone like Fujino-kun.” (She says that while standing directly behind Fujino, with her huge boobs pressed onto his head)!!

I think we have our winner!

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Koakuma Lets Marisa Show Her Love For Patchouli Hon (Touhou Project)

Koakuma Lets Marisa Show Her Love For Patchouli Hon (Touhou Project) kogorta72.ru

-by Sakurayu Haru

-22 pages

“When I saw you chatting with Marisa-san… To be honest, I felt a little jealous. Look! So much of your lewd juice is dripping out of your pussy already! Don’t say that... We almost reached the room, so please do your best and walk.”

Another first class Touhou Project futanari hentai manga with Koakuma, Marisa Kirisame and patchouli Knowledge.

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